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I See You

By Schneur Zalman Ben-Chaim

As humans, we tend to lack confidence and believe more in our fears than in ourselves. For this reason, we are constantly seeking proof of our worth, our capabilities, and even the love we receive. We want to know that we are valued, that we matter. However, instead of looking within, we often focus on finding external validation.

But this is not a discussion on faith or mysticism. It’s about the importance of seeing and being seen.

If we truly take the time to see all the things, situations, persons, feelings, and details that make up our lives, it is impossible not to feel grateful. While there may be aspects of our lives that are not as we want or deserve, they are a minority compared to the abundance of blessings we receive every day. Unfortunately, we often fail to recognize the good things in our lives because we simply glance at them or focus only on what supports our judgments, viewpoints, or fears. We fail to see the big picture.

We may glance at headlines, tweets, Instagram feeds, or streaming content, but we don’t truly see everything that is a part of them. Similarly, we may talk to family and friends and think they look good, but are we really seeing the person behind the words?

When we talk to someone close to us, are we interested in seeing the deeper content behind their words or is it just a social obligation? If we are genuinely interested in seeing the person we are talking to, we give them our full attention and listen with intention and empathy, seeking to connect with them on a deeper level. When we truly see the other person, we open ourselves up to being a part of their life and receiving them into our own world. We accept a connection full of authenticity, in the most pure and honest way, where we can truly be ourselves.

At that level, we can feel the soul of the other person, recognize their strengths and weaknesses, acknowledge their efforts, and value them. We become aware that seeing all these things does not make us weak or strong, it simply reveals them in the most honest way possible.

So, ask yourself: Are you really seeing the people close to you? Do you value their efforts, recognize their struggles, and give them all you could? And, do you feel seen?

I hope that those around you can honestly say, «I see you

Zalman Ben-Chaim ( @Zalman5K)

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